Corporate Solutions

Online Counseling
In the Counseling process, there are a number of useful and critical areas, which we have covered for automation. The software application is comprised of the process and database developed and seat allotment procedure finalized for a maximum of three rounds of counseling for each course. In this process we cater all the activities including student registration, choice filling and locking, seat allotment, admission, reporting due to vacancy and iteration of these activities with final seat allotment.

We have worked with top notch colleges and Universities to streamline their Counseling Process like Maharishi Dayanand University (MDU) Rohtak, Punjab Technical University (Degree), (Govt. of Punjab), West Bengal State Council for Technical Education (Govt. of West Bengal), Department of Technical
Education (Polytechnic), (Govt. of Haryana) Online Counseling Department of Technical Education (Degree), (Govt. of Haryana),B.Ed Counseling 2010 for Punjab. Uttrakhand Board of Technical Education,
Roorkee, B.Ed. COUNSELLING 2010 FOR HARYANA (Kurukshetra University). We have experience of handling all the activities related to Online Counseling process and have successfully completed various assignments for our clients.

Payment Gateways
These achievements make us one of the most secured online service providers in the world. As EBS priority has been always safeguarding the interest of both the merchant as well as its clients, we are constantly updating our technologies to ensure better security standards for our business. Our systems made to available sophisticated technologies to educational institutes through fee management system and a user friendly console,
integrated with multiple online payment acquiring options on a single platform. The platform independent systems provide a cost effective solution without further infrastructure or skilled manpower.

OFC Cabeling
We have a dedicated division experts in providing OFC cabling and networking services as per the requirement of the customer. We conduct the survey of client location and propose the solution as per the client need. The array of devices provided by us are:-
  • Optical Fiber Communication Backbone/Access Networks.
  • Route Survey for OFC routes and obtaining ROWs.
  • Execution of OFC Routes.
  • Undertaking Acceptance Testing works on behalf of the Client.

Data Center
As business dependency on IT grows, organizations need to ensure that datacenters have the flexibility to address ever-changing business demand. Industry trends show that most customers have issues related to data growth, system performance and scalability, effective utilization of resources, energy consumption, tracking and handling of assets, migration to new environment and network congestion to name a few. NYSA has an array of offerings designed to help organizations overcome these challenges through Global System Integration and Next Gen Managed Services. NYSA owns multiple Data Center Facilities in Delhi/NCR region These uniquely designed data centers provide security, physical environment, and networking capability which support even the most mission-critical and complex applications. This addresses organization needs in terms of Hosting, Consolidation, Virtualization, Business continuity planning, Cloud computing and Mainframe services. NYSA has invested in people, process and technology to provide end to end support and has been a pioneer in remote infrastructure management. This platform follows industry best practices and provides services worldwide using flexible delivery model. Our platform uses a high degree of automation for monitoring & administration integrated with service management tools and skilled people in different technologies.

Grievance Management Solutions
The GMS system is developed; keeping in mind the various types of clients and to help our clients in managing the grievance in effective and efficient manure. Nysa is having a multichannel, multilingual Unified Grievance Management System, which in turn helps speedy resolution of Students/Staff complaint, timely update and enquiry of the Complaint status and showcases Various MIS reports/metrics which helps in decision making.

Solution Benefits:

  • Speedy resolution of complaints
  • Continuous performance monitoring
  • Anytime( 24 x 7) Anywhere registration
  • Increased Responsiveness
  • Status Enquiry
  • Automated Operations
  • Various Reports for quick analyzing and grievance status Check

Call Center

our voice support provides businesses with industry leading telephone-based support services to meet client’s unique business needs at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a call center of your own. We rapidly deploy scalable, telephone-based support solutions which seamlessly integrate into your customer contact stream increasing efficiency while reducing costs.

We have the ability to provide toll-free telephone number (which will be routed to our operations center in India) for most major countries. Our highly skilled call center support personnel expertly respond
to your customers' needs and queries according to client’s requirement. They alleviate customer concerns; take orders, upsell or simply answer questions about your products or services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. This enables your customers to have access to information and, most importantly, make purchasing decisions at their convenience. We can also integrate ERP with cal center Devices to provide pusondized devices to the call center thus helpy getting performance information online through our portal.. The dedicated quality assurance process consists of real time daily monitoring of each agent’s sales and customer service performance. Transcripts of all chats can be sent for your review or as confirmation that queries are answered correctly.